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My Children's Books

I love books and I love reading! One of my favorite Children's Hospital Los Angeles Jr Ambassador Events is the Annual ACTION DAY fundraiser where we get to raise money for the hospital on our own. Some of the Jr Ambassadors do lemonade stands, bake sales, handmade earrings, bracelets or painted denim to give all proceeds of the sales of their items to CHLA.

I decided to write my own Children's Books as my "action" to make a difference in the lives of the families at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. My Non Fiction book, "The Girl on the Subway," as well as my Fiction series, "The Fickle Cat Called Pickles" and "The Fickle Cat Called Pickles Plans a Party," are available for purchase year round.


All proceeds from my books go to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Literally Healing Program.

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